Covet: Too Faced iPhone Case

Not a typo, just f*cking genius.

So, I don’t tote eyeshadow around in my handbag, I’m more of an emergency concealer/mascara/lipstick kind of girl but how can you hate this?!

Too Faced (love) has come out with an iPhone 5 case that doubles as a makeup palette. It’s called “Jingle All The Way,” which makes me even more excited because it’s a Christmas item and I’m a voluntary victim for Christmas items.


It’s part of their holiday collection which is a creation from teaming up with interior designer Mary McDonald. It has a removable pan of 11 different colors, a bronzer, and a blush.

So I’m an accident prone walking disaster and I’ve dropped each iPhone I’ve ever owned (usually when it was sans case). I have a case on my 5S right now but I still take extra precaution. (Like, really, how about making the damn thing unbreakable, how about that for an upgrade?) Once this case is snapped onto that sucker I have a feeling I’ll be extra paranoid about dropping it becase God forbid that the makeup shatters. God. Forbid.

Oh – and it’s out already. Sephora doesn’t have it yet but you can get it at for a steal.

Oh, and an ever bigger reason to purchase – Too Faced is 100% cruelty free. Except to those brands that they blow out of the water. They never had a chance.


100213-too-faced-340 Too-Faced-Jingle-All-The-Way-iPhone-Case

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