Wear Me: Fall Do’s.

Okay, I’m one of those girls that have a go-to hair style – and stick with it. It works for me so I figure, why ruin a good thing?

I usually use a straightener to quickly even out any weird kinks and then curl my ends and brush it out for loose waves. Admittedly, this look is best maintained by keeping my hair in a tight bun overnight and then letting it out a la Victoria’s Secret Angel style. Anyway, although this takes me from daytime to nighttime looks I like trying new styles if intrigued enough.

These Fall hair trends are definitely something to consider…

Emmy Rossum’s Old Hollywood glam do. Sweep your hair to the side, curl with a larger barrel iron (I use Conair’s Tourmaline) and then rake through hair with your fingers. Apply something that gives it some shine – try Frederic Fekkai’s Brilliant Glossing Creme ($25 Sephora) or Chi’s Silk Effects ($19 Nordstrom).


Jen Aniston’s long layered beachy look. I love this. It’s another go-to that works from day-night. A blow out or a straightener come in handy to maintain this look – a nice shine serum or anti frizz product works wonders when it comes to flyaways, frizz and baby hairs. Try Living Proof’s Satin Hair Serum $29 – livingproof.com.


Nina Dobrev and the High Pony. I cannot put into words how much I love the high pony. I honestly think I rocked an 80’s pony for the better part of the last 3 years. The key is to not think about it too much – the less effort you put into it the better it looks. Trust me, I know from experience. Whenever I try to perfect it, it ends up looking too molded and deliberate. It’s the perfect solution to a bad hair day and for unwashed hair – it’s a must. This works best when some time has gone by since your last wash, Put it up in an elastic, curl the ends if you must and spray it with texturizing spray. I like Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray ($25). Oh, and baby powder or hair powder give it a nice bounce and lift at the bast. Sprinkle some of that on too. 


The half do as shown on Rachel Bilson. This is a classic and looks great on almost all hair types. If you want a bit of a curl like her’s, curl it and break it up with your fingers for a more natural look. Part it down the middle, rough it up a bit at the crown and then join the two side sections in the back with either, a braid, a clip, a camouflaged elastic or a couple of bobby pins (my pick). A generous amount of holding spray (my fav is Tresemme’ Tres Two ($6) or Aveda Air Control ($25). Tres Two has amazing hold that I’ve found yet to be beat, and Aveda’s spray has the best fragrance I’ve ever smelled in a hairspray.


Short and piecey like Julianne Hough. For all you short haired girlies, this look is so hot right now. The tousled look is cute and sleek at the same time so it’s pretty versatile no matter what the occasion. Hair putty or wax is a good product to maintain a cut and style like this.



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