Covet: 3. 1 Philip Lim Pashli

So this is the bag I’ve been eyeing since April. Sad right? With all the random stuff I buy I could have had 2 by now. Pathetic.

It’s one of the IT bags right now and pretty much every flared gusset handbag that has come out recently has stemmed from this one.

One of the reasons I haven’t made the purchase is because I can’t decide on a color. Hashtag First World Problems/Shopaholic Problems. Yes,I am fully aware.

Really though. Check out all the different styles/colors and you shall see why I am in such a conundrum.







I’m torn between the yellow (because it’s such a dangerously unique color, and cobalt). *By the way, the last picture doesn’t do the cobalt justice whatsoever. It’s the most vibrant lusterous blue. If blue can be called lusterous.

 I say that someone assist me with this peculiar problem by just gifting me with one of the two. I’ll make it easy – your choice of style and color.


Anyway they range from mini (like the leopard print) to large and go between $825-960.

The style, structure and versatility make it worth it according to my skewed shopping sense. According to my financial sense, maybe not so much. F*ck you financial sense. Shut your mouth when you’re talking to me, no one asked for your insight anyway.


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