Purchased: NYX/RiRi Hearts MAC

Not that I have to reiterate – but the Fall RiRi Hearts MAC Collection debuted last week. I didn’t go batshit nuts over it because I used that up for the iPhone 5S so I decided to saunter in on Friday instead and see if there was anything left over that the fanatics didn’t horde. I usually get all my makeup from either Nordstrom or Sephora but because I was bored on a Friday after work I figured I might as well pop into Funk & Frost and see what was good with NYX as well.

I left with a bronzer/illuminator and a “HD” powder foundation. Oh, and I also left with a fury over the bitchy clerks that resulted in me emailing head office about their insufficient, (and complete lack) of customer service. I tend to have a case of bitchy resting face but I’ve been working on it and feel that I’m pretty good at breaking into an impromptu smile these days. It takes a bit of effort sometime but I definitely had it on while making my purchases (point of purchase is a guaranteed smile sighting for me). Let me tell you that the drone didn’t even utter a word. Not one word. Terrible, I mean, I wouldn’t usually care because I’m not a huge fan of human interaction in the first place, but when you’re visiting a store as a paying customer, and a repeat one at that, if you’re a clerk and you cop attitude it’s a bad f*cking idea. (I’ll ‘keep the unpleasantries to myself). Anyway, I did have a huge smile on my face while writing my letter of complaint so I’m still going to go ahead and say the experience was worth it.

Check out the goods:




1. NYX HD Powder Foundation – Claims to be oil free, water and sweat resistant and silky on the skin so I figured I’d try it. Oh and I’ll take this chance to claim that I do not sweat, I glow, and sometimes glimmer.

2. NYX Illuminating Bronzer – I’ve raved on a couple different illuminators in previous posts (Stila & Benefit specifically) because I love a good highlight and contour. My MAC Mineralize Skinfinish has another few weeks left so I wanted to try a couple products and see if it could be replaced. I picked the lightest shade in this product – Narcissistic (oh how fitting) because it had the most shimmer without the really bronze-y look. Also, my skin is more of a warm beige tone and I feel that sometime all I need is a shimmer and not too much of a bronze-y finish.

3. RiRi Hearts MAC Lipstick in Who’s That Chick – I was pretty psyched this was available because it’s one of the colors that caught my big philandering eyes. I haven’t had a shade like it for a while and it’s perfect for the Fall palette.  I tried it on top of some shades I have and it has a really nice golden shimmer – can’t wait to wear it with my Stila kitten shadow and highlighters. Golden.


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