J’Adore: Autumn

Golden leaves falling, rainy weekends spent indoors by the fire, pumpkin muffins, lattes, spice and carving, crisp air and scenic drives, and infinity scarves, stockings and booties, and thick chunky sweaters – one of my favorite times of the year is here (after Christmas that is – obviously).


Aside from the rain (which I only like when I’m encased in a plush onesie indoors (and sometimes outdoors) Fall has a certain coziness and warmth about it. I love September and October because everything’s fresh, my favorite shows are back from hiatus, boots are still shiny, and the excitement is still there after breaking into the Fall wardrobe.

Come November, although Christmas shopping is on the horizon, I’m getting annoyed with the constant rainfall and the umbrellas being turned into skeletal frames, my hair getting misted and resulting in disarray, and I’m dreaming of a poolside Margarita in Vegas or better yet – somewhere tropical. Hence, why I like to get most of my Autumn love in during the earlier months when I haven’t gotten bored to shit of it yet.


Fall is definitely a slippery slope when it comes to sugar consumption. Could be partly due to staying indoors and cozying up to the TV, partly due to the $4 boxes of 315606598 chocolates available at Fred Meyer or the much to common thinking that your bod will be hibernating under layers for the next 3-5 months (stylish ones but layers nonetheless).

I’m not participating in this nonsense this year. Sure enough the time will come on the eve of Halloween when I contemplate throwing a sheet on and going door to door for candy (that or grabbing whatever kid I have available in my family to extort), but the remaining days I’m sticking to my routine of clean eating with the weekly cheat day. I also find it’s way easier to keep up my 5 day/week workouts as it’s pretty crappy in terms of weather and when you know you’ll be sniffing out and hoarding all the Halloween candy at work with the seriousness of a Grizzly bear storing it’s food for hibernation (as well as whatever home made baked goods co-workers put in front of you) that 45 minute HIIT session doesn’t look so bad.

My advice – and the advice my mom has drilled into my brain for forever – if you’re planning on eating, then you better be planning on working out. Don’t give up one for the other – especially during this season. You don’t want to miss out on the culinary goodness Fall has to bring – especially the Pumpkin Cheesecake, so get in your workouts (double up if you have to) and the reason you have to be wearing tons of layers is because it’s hot right now, not because you’re keeping your food belly warm.


Speaking of layers, I’ve come to the comfortable point of doubling up shirts and sweaters onto single hangers. Unhealthy? Yes. Ashamed? No. Okay yes. But at least I’m fully prepared for pretty much any occasion. So yes, I’ve added to my Fall wardrobe recently. Lots of chunky knits and boyfriend cardigans, flannel and denim button downs. Leather jackets with soft scarves and hoodies, detailed booties and low down Chucks. I’m definitely going to still rock the wedges and stilettos but with matte tights and knits instead of tanks and bare minis. I’ll post on what’s in my wardrobe this Fall/Winter sooner than later but In the meantime, I shall make like a squirrel (or a hoarder) and store. I mean, it’s only natural.




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