Style: The Worst of the Emmys

Talented actresses? Yes. In need of a new stylist? Yes. Safe from judgement and critisicm? No. Not quite.

I know it’s a tad late, but check out who made my list for the most heinous gowns at this past weekend’s Emmy Awards…

Betsey Brandt. Clearly she’s still in character as Aunt Marie. I mean it’s not purple, but it’s just as hideous.


Lena Dunham in (wait for it) Prada. More like Pra-Don’t. Oh snap. I know’s she a little hipster but really!?


Aubrey Plaza in something a Little House on Elm Street


Michelle Dockery in Pra-Don’t. Yet again. So ill fitting.


Paula Abdul used to by one of my idols back in the early 90s. Now I want to hit her while looking the other way. Why oh why?!


Jessica Pare in something that’s better suited for a rag doll. Or a shredder.


Melissa Leo clubbed a magician over the head for these duds.


Zosia Mamet in a god awful monstrosity. Poor girl looks like she hasn’t hit puberty just yet, that or a fitter at Victoria’s Secret has it out for her.


I apologize for posting such filth, but I did it to satisfy the natural human desire to celeb bash. Although – half the ladies on this list I haven’t heard of but that doesn’t stop me from calling them out for their lack of sense style, ain’t nobody safe from judgement.


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