Purchased: The Shoes Dreams Are Made Of

I’m floundering for words right now because my Jeffrey Campbell booties have just arrived.

No, you know what, they’re not just booties, they’re like semi – Cowboy boot, semi – bootie, semi – peeptoe peep ankle and semi – platform. I. AM. DYING.

Please turn your attention to the photo below:


Speechless right? I mean, they’re definitely more mind blowing in person but this is just as well.


As you can see they’re strictly business (like fun, easygoing business though, like, we do hair in a really legit fashion) in the front, and then they’re just pretending to work over there in the back! Busted you little suckers, busted!

Overjoyed. I was dying for a pair of Cowboy boots (yes I love everything to do with country music, especially the crooners), and I needed a new pair of booties for Fall so when I came across these I had to. So far I’m beyond pleased with the craftsmanship, the fit (which for Jeffrey’s are a little bigger than true – to – size, and the fast delivery.

A sh*tload of hashtag OOTD’s to come. You better believe.



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