Beauty 101: Quickies

1. No Makeup – Makeup

An egglike sponge lets you apply base for a natural finish.

Keep these shopping tips in mind:

Tapered Shape Tip conceals in creases; curved surface blends cheeks, chin and forehead.

Palm-Sized One that fits between your thumb and forefinger is easiest to maneuver.

Some Squish Think Goldilocks: not too hard or too soft for smoothest coverage.

Use it like a pro: Dampen sponge before dipping in foundation to mimic airbrushing.

Sephora Collection The Perfectionist Makeup Sponge in Purple, $12 (top) and Ricky’s Rickycare Original 3D Blender, $8, and as usual, BeautyBlender’s ever popular sponge is another choice.



2. DIY Gel Manicure

Look for:

High-Tech Polish One with staying power (a week) and fast drying time (about eight minutes), like CND Vinylux—the formula strengthens in natural light.

A Creamy Nude Pick a semisheer shade close to your skin tone to hide regrowth between manis.

Right Remover Wipe away color with acetone—no soaking required.

Use it like a pro: Paint tip edges last to seal them and help prevent chips.


3. Big, bright eyes

How to pick the best curler:

Padded Clamp A firm, rubbery cushion to curl, not bend, lashes.

Wide Handles That fit your thumb and middle finger, and span your palm like scissors.

Metal Plastic tends to be less flexible and can jam.

Use it like a pro: Pump curler 10 times at the base of bare lashes.

Lancome Le Curler Effortless Lash Design in Aqua, $23


4. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Bunday

How to create a quick & sleek updo:

A Bun Kit Especially if you have shorter hair; it includes the pins you’ll need.

Hair Match Aim for a color that’s similar to your base.

Medium-Sized Large looks clowny and is hard to cover; small makes a mouse bun.

Use it like a pro: Tease hair before you fan it over your former for the best coverage.

Sally Beauty Hair Stylers Mesh Chignon, $4

*I know you can also use a thicker style sock, cut it and roll it up (like the shape below) but I can’t seem to master that so for those who aren’t taleted with even simple procedures – this thing is your best bet.


An even better beauty tip is to go without makeup. I applaud those fearless and confident women that do, but with my luck I’ll run into some crazy hot guy who could have loved me forever but instead figured the circles under my eyes were telltale signs from hard partying and tramping around and therefore conclude I am of unsavory character.


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