Happy Monday

So I know Monday calls for bitchy resting face, bitchy talking face, bitchy driving face and such but I had to share this quote because it’s a complete 180 to typical Monday morning musings…


“People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer and their whole life for happiness. And in doing so it all passes them by. Learn to appreciate the present.”

This saying really makes me want to approach Mondays, really every day, in a more positive, opportunistic manner. I’m generally more of a negative, “woe is me” type of person but I’ve slowly been incorporating uplifitng and motivational thinking into my daily whine fest.

It’s quite simple really. Be well aware that you have countless insurmountable blessings. As long as you have working limbs and a healthy body you should consider yourself lucky in life. A decent roof over your head, good food in your stomach, and people that love you? Blessed. 20 pairs of jeans, 600 thread count sheets and the ability to spend your disposable income on designer duds and luxe beauty products? Incredibly fortunate.

So, the next time you wake up at 5:45AM on Monday morning with a frown on your face, do yourself a favor and slap that shit off your mug. Instead thank God that you are able to wake up every morning, smell the fresh air (sun, rain, hail, whatever) and taste your coffee. Many people don’t even have that chance so shut the f*ck up and count your blessings.

Happy Monday 🙂


How cozy is this photo? Perfect rainy day setting.



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