Wear Me: The Girlfriend Jean

I’m aware that boyfriends are pretty much the only people who aren’t a fan of Boyfriend jeans, but does that factor in to whether we wear them or not? Of course it doesn’t.


I swear that this is the reason I am single. I refuse to let someone come between me and my clothes. Yes. That’s definitely the only viable reason.

Anyway, the loose relaxed and worn in fit of Boyfriend jeans is so versatile. I think that’s why so many females love to live in them. They go with everything from a pair of classic stilettos to chucks and you can wear them in a variety of settings – for example: date night, weekend shopping, during 10 days of PMS, and those end of the week cheat days that can’t come too soon. Steamed broccoli and squats can get you only so far…

Well, think that’s f*cking awesome? 

You’ll love the new Girlfriend Jean.


Current/Elliott The Fling $218

This is the Boyfriend jeans’ enviable sister. You know? The one whose always kind and respectful, has 3 different degrees, only wears chapstick and would never think of tainting her body with unsavory extremeties? That’s that b*tch right here.

They boast a slimmer fit and cut, cleaner lines and subtle distressing. They arrive with perfect timing as Fall calls for structure and simplicity. Wear em with cutesy flats, strappy heels and delicate booties. They’re easy to pair with everything because they’re sleek and crazy wearable. A pair of chucks and a fitted blazer is another great look.

Check out these styles…


The Row Ashland $550


J Brand Aiden $216


Paige Denim James $199


Each X Other $290

Males everywhere can untwist their panties now.



5 thoughts on “Wear Me: The Girlfriend Jean

  1. Too bad it doesn’t work the other way:P Sure, it’s fine you gals can wear guy clothes and add a small variety to your already huge wardrobes. But, guys cannot adopt “girlfriend jeans” and hope to look appropriate or acceptable unless they are of a certain “persuasion”:P

    I don’t care much what you wear as long as it looks good on you. I am usually put off by the color pink and animal prints (unless it was an exotic dart frog scarf or silky blouse maybe). Leopard belts and shoes with studs are a huge turn-off…as are painted nails. Oh, and excess of jewelry is another. Certain piercings/stringy necklaces or too many rings/bracelets can be a bother. For instance, your first picture with the lovely model does not need a single piece of jewelry because she looks comfy, casual in her lounge wear. And, the jewelry she is wearing does nothing for her overall appearance.

    I particularly like women who wear red tops paired with denim shorts with the feathered/tattered edges around the thighs:)

    Oh, but as I notice the ridiculously high prices of those jeans, I should warn you I may flip out at any moment… 😛 No pants over 30 bucks unless they are custom made from some endangered fabric. Denim is far too common for those prices.

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