Beauty 101: Hide and Seek

Concealer. It could be your nearest and deartest friend who saves you the calories of a Vanilla latte each morning or that bitch who calls you Casper behind your back after she lets you borrow her undereye concealer that she swears is “totally your color.”

Let’s put that bitch in her place shall we?


I’ll admit there are days when I’ve had like, say for shame’s sake, 10 hours of sleep (ahem 13) and I still seem to have an unsightly tinge under my eyes. At times like that I either go back to sleep or throw on a baseball cap but that’s the weekend. You can’t hide from a Monday morning unless you go Bueller and when you’re faced with that glaring reflection in the mirror you wish you had invested in a fool-proof concealer and not cheaped out for something sub-par…

I feel that using the right foundation/concealer for your skin tone is something EVERY girl should have down. It can provide a perfect base for your makeup if used in the correct shade and if not – it can draw attention to you, and not in a “ohmygod how does she do her makeup” kind of way. More like “ohmigod look at how she’s done her makeup.”

bad concealer color

I wanted to share these tips because there’s been many a time when I’ve gone in looking for a concealer/foundation and left confused and dismayed with the advice and samples given to me. Yes Sephora is the holy grail BUT this doens’t mean that every deciphle will offer up educated advice. Best to know your shade before you shop…

I know many girls have watched YouTube videos on how to get the extremely contured and concealed undereye shade a la’ Kim K and as Eva Longoria over there can attest – it takes a lot of blending and a lot of shading and 90% of women (yes I can make up statistics) don’t get it right. Please don’t try this at home.

Behold my tips on how to conceal, where to conceal and what to conceal it with…

How To Disguise Under Eye Circles:

*The key is to make your eyes look brighter. Like you’re high on Starbucks not blow.

Best to use a concealer that boasts brightening capabilities, a powder that highlights, and/or a luminizer (very lightly).

Also keep in mind that the skin around your eyes is delicate so you’ll want something moisturizing. Oil based concealers are great in keeping your skin young and fresh.

ALWAYS pick a pink or peach based concealer for under eye darkness – this counters the blue/black tinge.

How to hide:

  1. Apply your brightening concealer by dotting it in a line under your eye, starting at the inner corner (the inside of the bridge of your nose) and working to the outer edge of your eye.
  2. Get your sponge or blender a little bit damp, then dip it into your loose highlighting powder. Dab it over the concealer, blending it evenly into your skin.
  3. Brush a tiny bit of the highlighting powder under your eye to make sure it sets and doesn’t crease.
  4. I like using my finger to apply concealer under the eyes – I have 24639 brushes for concealer but I can’t seem to kick the habit. Anyway, if this is your go-to then make sure you use your non-dominant ring finger. It’s weaker than your pointer finger and using it prevents tugging – no shit huh.

I recommend….

Too Faced Candlelight Glow Duo Highlighting Powder $30


Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge $28


Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener $22


Marc Jacobs Beauty Remedy Concealer Pen $39


YSL Touche’ Eclat Radiant Touch $40


Each of these products highlights and brightens dark circles. I just got the Bare Minerals concealer and it’s AMAZING. I always use a bit of highlighting eye shadow on my bottom lash line and inner corners and with this stuff I haven’t needed to. My eyes are normally pretty huge and this makes them pop out of my head enhances them to the fullest.

How to cover up dark spots and scars:

If you have discoloration or an uneven skin tone then you’ll really benefit from these tips…

Use a heavier concealer for this type of cover up – it contains less oil – therefore lasts longer and is thicker in coverage.

Invest in: a lifting concealer, a beauty blender (as above) or a sponge, and translucent powder (really smoothes out a thick coverage).

How to hide:

  1. Apply your heavier concealer with a brush, covering the problem area entirely.
  2. Dab a coat of lifting concealer over the area to make the dark spot brighter. If you’re dealing with a scar, you might not need this step.
  3. Dampen your beauty blender or sponge and dip it into loose powder. Blend the area in evenly.
  4. Finish with a translucent mineral powder to set the area.

I recommend…

DiorSkin Sculpting Lifting Smoothing Concealer $36


How To Banish Blemishes:

Those nasty red things that appear out of nowhere like a secret photo from Vegas 2009 or an uninvited guest. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

A green based concealer is what you need to keep these covered, and one that contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil is an even better one. It helps to neutralize the redness and hide any inflammation. The best kind will come in either a tube or a stick.

How to hide:

  1. Take a concealer brush and load it up with the green concealer. Start applying it on the pimple, starting in the middle and making light brush strokes outward. You want it to fade into your skin, with the most concentrated area being the middle of the blemish.
  2. Making sure your index finger is completely clean, dab it on the concealer stick and apply to the blemish. Apply in a patting motion, until the area is completely covered and skin tone looks even.
  3. Dip your blending brush in loose powder, then lightly dust the powder onto your skin, blending all three products together.

I recommend:

Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer $17


NYX Concealer Jar in Green $5


Stila CC Color Correcting Stick Broad Spectrum $38


The Balm Concealer Brush $8


Clinique Blended Face Powder $23


Urban Decay Good Karma Blending Brush $26


Jane Iredale Zap & Hide Blemish Concealer $26


How To Apply Concealer Around The Nose

This area tends to be one of the oiliest on the face so you need to tweak the technique for this specific zone. A cream concealer with little to no oil works best here, along with a beauty blender or sponge.

If you tend to get a little red in this area (as I do) the green based concealer is great if used sparingly.

How to Hide:

  1. Using your finger, dip it into your cream concealer. Pat it on the skin around your nose, covering it completely and fading outward to your cheeks.
  2. Take a damp beauty blender or sponge and blend the concealer into your skin.
  3. Dust loose powder over the area to set it.

I recommend:

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit $33


 bareMinerals Broad Spectrum Multi – Tasking Face Powder $18


In addition to these tips, keep this little color guide in mind when shopping for your little concealer army…

Green concealer is a great color corrector for neutralizing blemishes, covering up redness, and canceling out any rosy area on your face (rosacea, scars, etc.)

Pink concealer will help to brighten any dull areas of your skin and hide signs of fatigue. Use this color corrector to hide dark circles, bruises, or to give your entire face a little boost.

Yellow concealer is great for evening out your skin tone and making it look fresh with minimal effort. This is also a great color to use for a base on your eyelids, brow bone, or cheekbones before you apply the rest of your makeup.

Don’t say I never gave you anything.

You’re welcome.


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