Friday Favorites

Don’t judge me for missing last Friday’s favorites. I wasn’t drunk – just lazy.

FAV Scent

Soft and subtle. I swear by Cleopatra but this is a close second.


FAV Look

Red lips are my go to these days. And light neutral eyes makes it easy to wear and really eye catching.


FAV Outfit

Sporty chic. All day every day.


FAV Drink

I knocked back a couple mid week. I rarely indulge in libations, aside from the occasional glass of wine and Gin reminds me of Christmas trees. Don’t ask. Just sip.


FAV Photo

Michelle Pfeiffer a la’ Scarface. She’s a gem. I just saw her on Live with Kelly & Michael this week and she looks like she aged a week. Timeless and she adores mob flicks.


FAV Scene

If I ever had a kid she would be like this. Fashionista in the making.


FAV Beauty Item

I can’t wait to traipse into Sephora for this. I love the light scent and body oil should be worn by everyone. Especially when you have on a skirt. 5 lbs thinner? Yes please.


FAV Treat

Gelato. I need to indulge one last time before I switch to all things pumpkin. Light and fewer calories and fat than ice cream. Heaven sent.


FAV Inspiration

Yes. I would rock this with legit confidence. The picture reminds me that there are no rules in fashion and no one can tell you what to wear, when to wear it or how to wear it. I mean, some things are common sense – like I wouldn’t wear this in 80 degree heat or while I’m at the office. I’d hang it off the back of my chair. Indeed. Like a popsicle princess.


FAV Quote

From time to time I’ll read a quote that really gets me. This is one of them. I take screen shots and flip through my phots whenever I need a little reminder or pick-me-up because when I’m consumed by something minute or stressed for unnecessary reasons I need little gems like these to remind me that I’m blessed, I’m good and everything is as it should be.


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