Beauty 101: Not A Fine Chap

If you’re an avid lipstick wearer like I am, you’ll really benefit from this post. That, and read it anyway because I’m trying to help a sister out here. Sharing is caring and I’m trying my hardest to be a pleasant and personable female who doles out secret advice in order to enrich the lives of those with chapped, dry lips. Serious shit. Not everyone is this kind and well meaning.


(In real person I’m a real witch)

Anyway here’s a bomb remedy for chapped lips (which is pretty handy since winter will be here before you can snag those over the knee boots)

Cream of Aloe Vera. You heard me. This is amazing for random skin problems and works great for chapped lips too. The juice of the aloe restores damaged/irritated skin. I know this because my mom swears by it. So much that she has gifted me with a huge aloe plant that I have sitting in a window sill above my bath tub. (Not really by choice, instead by convenience). I cut pieces of it and open up the shell of the plant to get to the juice. Sounds nasty but it smells good and it actually works.

Another key ingredient – tea tree oil. Good for cold sores – not that I’ve had any but I’m just saying.

Third ingredient – coconut oil. Tastes great and is extremely moisturizing. Tons of lip balms, salves and chaps use this key miracle ingredient and you shall too.

*1 teaspoon tea tree oil (equal to ten drops of oil)

*5 grams coconut oil

*1 teaspoon aloe vera oil


Put 1 teaspoon or 10 drops of Tea tree oil in a dark-colored glass
Then put 5 grams of coconut oil in the same glass
Put the last teaspoon or 10 drops of aloë vera in the same glass
Shake well before use
Apply with clean finger, mascara wand or applicator of your choice


Lip Balm. What’s up Sephora?!

PS – Keep it in a dark bottle, it preserves it longer.

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