Beauty 101: Get Yo Shine On.

So…now that summer’s over most of us are trying to look for ways to prolong our tans and increase that nice tinge-y sunkissed glow…

I mean, except for women that are born with it, or who’re pregnant. I, for one, am neither. Therefore, I donate to a superficial charity called….SEPHORA.


Here are some products that are at the top of their class for creating a glowing complexion.


The Body Shop Cleansing Polish

$16. Rich in Vitamin C. Scrub your face and dry skin dips out. Oh and it’s nice and refreshing too.


MAC Marine Bright Cleanser

$25. Really fancy pants packaging. Just a cleanser, nothing special besides the look.


Bliss Triple Oxygen Foam

$28. This stuff is nice. You can pick it up from the beauty godesses at Sephora. Apparently it’s an oxygen facial in a bottle. I’ll try it and let you know how it goes..,


Boscia Bright White Mask

$38. Again, Sephora. It contains intense brightening ingredients like sea fearn alge that fights discoloration, dark spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Tip – Get a tester and try it out before you buy. I just started doing this and it saves a lot of time buying something and then returning it because it didn’t work out for you. I hate doing things like returns/exchanges because A) I’m Lazy and B) I look like a scam artist.


Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial 

$48. Sephora. Infused with Vitamin C and rose infused creme. Apparently you wake up with a brighter complexion. This may not work if you’re a bitchy, cranky person all around. It’s a cream, not a magic potion.


Soap & Glory Daily Radiance 

$25. Sephora. This nice light airy formula will create a nice sun kissed glow as well as tighten and treat dark circles because it’s enriched with cucumber. Amazing. Just purchased. Can’t wait to use it. I hope I can go without concealer in the AM. HAHAHAHAHA.


Erno Laszlo C Bright Essence

$68. Oh you fancy huh? Again, Sephora welcomes you. Used against dark sports and discoloration. It’s a Japanese Knotwood moisturizer if that means anything to you. AKA It’s pricey but worth it because Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn were fans.


Amorepacific Brightening Pen

$140. Expensive as shit. Probably gives you a face lift overnight. I wouldn’t know, I’m just throwing this out there. It’s a spot treatment which releases trapped melanin and also fades hyperpigmentation. It’s also keeps you warm at night and tells you you’re beautiful.

I say, besides all these pricey products, sweating it up during a HIIT session is the best way to go.

That way you can come back and check out my post on my top 10 FAV scents.



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