Covet: Valentino Rockstud

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These bad ass beauties have been on my hit list for well over a year now and I believe it’s time to pull the trigger.

How can the signature gold Valentino studs mixed in with the two tone T straps not make your head spin? I’ve been styling these with pretty much every piece of clothing I own for the better part of the year. Skirts, cropped pants, boyfriend jeans, underwear, pyjamas, sheets, EVERYTHING I tell you.


Oh yeah. Did I mention they come in like, 2470945 different colors and styles? Stiletto (which I’m dying over), ballerina flat, T Strap, slingbacks, leather and crystallized…

If I could have the staff at Nordstrom avert their eyes for a quick second or 60, I would strip down and do a swift swan dive into a pile of Rockstuds, frolick around for a bit and then regroup.

Starting around $695 for the flats to approx $1200 for the slingbacks they’re obviously better suited for those who have stacks to spend. BUT If you live at home rent-free and have 1.5 bills to pay? You can get them too. The shame only lasts so long…




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