Was It Worth It: NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer


Okay. This may not be a huge deal for any of you but it is for me.

I’ve been an avid and loyal user of MAC’s Studio Fix pot concealer (NC35 to be exact) and last weekend I found myself glancing to the right and left in fear of being caught cheating.

A friend recommended this brand to me, probably because she knows I spend money unnecessarily like I’m the wife of a basketball player. Quite opposite to be exact but whatever.

Anyway, I thought I’d give this stuff a try and see how it compared to my trusty MAC concealer and I’m blown away.


I usually wear it under my foundation and then as a touch up afterwards and I’m giddy to say that it concealed everything including undereye circles (although I had to use a little bit more for those suckers). The coverage is, as it boasts, full and even, and the texture is a lot smoother and lighter than MAC’s. I was weary of this at first touchy feely but once I had it on I was pretty surprised that something that felt so light covered so well.

My Studio Fix is usually a little thicker and cakey-er (yes I can make up words) and this concealer takes all that coverage but is actually smoother in both, coverage and texture.

I feel that it might last a little less longer than my MAC usually does, but time will tell. At $7.99 compare to Studio Fix at $20-23 it’s a freaking steal.

I thought that the cheaper price would mean cheaper product but I’ve been proven wrong and I’m not sad about it.

Verdict – Make the switch. As always, the savings can be spent things like clothes and shoes.




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