NYFW: Day Three

Day Three of NYFW.

You’re welcome.

Adam Selman


Alexander Wang


Christian Siriano


Herve’ Leger


Mara Hoffman


Prabal Gurung


Rebecca Taylor




Jill Stuart





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Monique Lhuillier

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Adam Selman’s boudoir retro glam is sultry and most of the items are reserved for the bedroom but the star spangled pants and twill coats are perfect for the streets.

Alexander Wang – I was excited to see what pieces would be displayed for Spring and I’m dying over the flirty schoolgirl inspired tennis skirts, in your face sweaters and laser cut edgy pieces.

Christian Siriano – Oh my God. I seriously can’t handle it. Every little thing = amazing. I’m in awe. From the feathers to the feminine floral and the flirty cuts mixed with shimmery salmon and pops of black and white are making my head spin. In a good way.

Herve’ Leger – Are you kidding me? It’s like my dreams have been snatched and displayed on the runway in NYC. The zips with the flirty cuts of the skirts and the bustier style bondage dresses are tops are freaking to die for. By far the best use of zippers I’ve ever seen in my LIFE.

Mara Hoffman’s collection takes inspiration from southwestern style I presume. The intense color and strategically placed tribal geometrics are really unique and the color palette is wearable yet really eye catching. And those lace up sandals? Good God.

Prabal Gurung’s 50’s inspired, retro feminine looks are really nice with the looser structured coats. He dresses the First Lady for God’s sake he has got to keep his pieces classy and wearable and it shows in this collection. PVC Pencil skirts, sheaths, tailored coats in pastels, brights and solids = yes please.

Rebecca Taylor’s collection is one of my FAV’s for sure. Her use of feminine with casual wear is awe-mazing. Definitely many wearable pieces amongst the modern floral, sport inspired outfits, mesh and perforated leather. I have a strong feeling that perforated leather and laser cut garments are going to be HUGE this fall. Take note!

Lacoste had some simple yet feminine looks that I really like. Sport inspired, again, yet still classic and girly. The long flowy trenches were some of my favorite looks.

Jill Stuart’s collection, again, amazing. I love the young, trendy sporty looks mixed in with perforated, symmetric leather and shimmery fabrics. Totally wearable. The leather and the cut of everything blows my mind. I want EVERYTHING!

Ruffian’s feminine suits and upper crust looks are absolutely perfect. Those shoes are on my covet no questions asked. The shimmery ankle pants, detailed blouses and rubberized cotton and biker jackets are pieces that will go a long way. Nice use of gingham too.

The fringe fest at Tibi is really new and fresh. Kind of glad to see that coming back, plus it’s a nice break for the B&W look. Jumpsuits, perforated leather, cropped tops and pants are seen again. And again, take note – these are pieces that are going to be big this Spring so invest wisely 🙂

Monique Luhillier – I almost have no words to explain how beautiful this collection is. The use of color is so fresh and feminine and such a far cry from a lot of the B&W seen. She’s known for her flirty and feminine pieces, her embellishments and detailing and her gorgeous flowing dresses – this collection doesn’t stray from that – it’s refreshed and some of the more symmetric pieces like the neon jumpsuit and skirt and crop top set are modern and daring additions.

More to come…


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