Purchased: Zara Everything

So I’m almost done compiling my Fall wardrobe. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Kidding.

(Yes. I’m here all night folks).

Anyway, I picked up some fresh new staples to add to my collection and they’re some of the most versatile, drool worthy pieces I’ve gotten in a while.

Take a looksee…


The Basic Jacket


The Plaid Mini


 The Black Flared Mini

IMG_1983 The White Court Pump

I’m thrilled with everything as I ended up ordering online because 1. I am lazy, 2. The salespeople I encounter at many locations are usually misinformed and 3. Because many locations don’t seem to have sufficient stock in both size and styles. This led me to hit up the app and place my order (which was not as quick as I thought it would be but at least each item made it in one piece). I love the Zara app and do most of my browsing and wish-listing on it because I clearly have a disease for online shopping and this just feeds into it with extreme ease.

The jacket fits perfect and I was scared it would look a little different than it did online BUT I was beyond pleased with the color, the fit and the fabric. The black flared mini is made of a nice light material and the ribbing and flouncy flip differentiates it from the typical LBM. I’m dying for Fall to arrive so I can throw on the plaid mini with a pair of black stockings or knit knee highs a la’ Cher. And the shoes – I can’t even convey the adoration. Perfect fit, perfect cut and the perfect court pump I’ve ever put on my slutty feet. I actually think they’re willing to settle down over those things.

That’s it for my Zara purchases. There probably won’t be more to come.




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