Friday Favorites.

I got this idea from a site I came across once, and because I am a self proclaimed super anal, obsessively organized, categorizing Queen – I give you Friday Favorites. My FAV outfits, items, moments, photos, foods, and quotes from the week. I’m totally into this so do me a favor and humor me.

Have a Friday Fav? Well…

Sharing is Caring. (Unless it’s shoes given back after weeks, detailed information of your most recent check-up, or herpes.)



I love pink, reading, and elegant decor. This encompasses all of that.



I used to be a pretty negative person, and still am when faced with unsavory people, unnecessary human contact, and unforgiving overnight blemishes but the past year has been uncharacteristically pleasant and surprisingly positive for me. I surround myself with easygoing and upbeat people, and no they’re not preaching all over town but being in good company motivates me to get rid of shitty, pessimistic thoughts and let only positive and uplifting¬†things fill my mind. Funny enough, this brings us to my next FAV…

FAV…puppy pic


Really, this should be one of the thousands of pictures I have of my Pomchi Jackson, but are you kidding me? This kind of shit makes my heart soar. This is what pushes negativity out of my mind – puppies. Puppies and company? Just put me in a smock and call me Julie Andrews.



There is nothing I don’t love about this. Approximately 2.4 minutes ago I was prancing around my closet pulling out my white chiffon tiered skirt and Chucks. This is too perfect to not be re-created and shared.

Feel free to share YOUR Favs


Happy Friday


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