Bootie Bootie Bootie Bootie. Rockin Everywhere. Rockin Everywhere.

Oh yes. I’ve got what you were waiting for –


Now that I’ve got that obligatory Miley pancake booty (pun intended) pic out of the way we can serious. I swear – no more mildly humorous booty jokes.

If you haven’t fallen victim to this trend you really have no reason to be on this site in the first place (I kid). I say this because there is a bootie for everybody and if you’re a shoe aficionado like me, then it’s a staple item that can take you a long ways (in rotation with the 10 varying styles you already have right?).


For those who need a little assistance in choosing the right style, you’ll find my little guide quite helpful, and for those that have their booties secured there’s always a new style, a hot new cut, and a new color that you MUST have otherwise you’ll drop to the ground in agony. Ain’t nobody have time for no death on their hands, so feel free to thank me for saving your life.

It’s Dr. Jennifer Pamela to you.

Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are typically short in style with either a flat or low heel. They can be worn under pants (for a classic business casual look) and if you’d rather wear them with skirts, shorts, skorts, underwear, what have you – the booties need to be kept snug against the ankle and the hem needs to be kept above the knee. Like, way above. Worn with a longer hem they’ll end up making your legs look stubby because of the cut of the shoe.


1. McQ by Alexander McQueen D Ring bootie $665 – Shopbop

2. Seychelles ‘It’s About Time’ bootie  $130 – Nordstrom

3. L.A.M.B. Nanetta Buckle Strap bootie $375 – Shopbop

4. MY PICK – Schutz Mixed Media Haircalf bootie $275 – Shopbop

Heeled Bootie


This style of bootie is pretty much an ankle bootie, but with a significantly sized heel.

Obviously my favorite style (if I could workout, bathe, and sleep in heels believe you me – it would be done).

Anyway, these work will with everything in my opinion. Under pants, over leggings/jeggings/skinnies/trousers, with skirts (preferably shorter lengths) and with shorts, whether they’re linen, printed, denim, lace or leather – anything goes.

If you’re a little weary of the heeled bootie, go ahead and try the flat version first but I’m a doer and a solid believer that if you take a fashion risk, (and I don’t mean go ahead and buy that shirt from the grocery store), as long as you feel good and look good, and wear it with confidence, you don’t have to answer to NOBODY.


1. March My Marc Jacobs wedge booties $398 – Shopbop

2. Nine West ‘Junia’ bootie $138 – Nordstrom

3. Sam Edelman Mariel Heel bootie $195 – Shopbop

4. Pedro Garcia Perforated Suede bootie $595 – Net A Porter

Typically most booties fall into either one of these categories. Flat – low heel – mid heel – high heel.

I wear most of my heeled booties with minis, skinnies and leggings because I feel they elongate my legs and make them look like twigs (kidding, they’re not magic booties silly).


I’m wearing mid-high heeled Madewell suede booties in the same shade as my lipstick. Yes. I am that girl.

Outfit Suggestions:




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