The Skinny: Apple Cider Vinegar

This highly pungent and slightly nauseating liquid GOLD is something you need to be including in your diet – especially if you’re trying to get slim. It’s cheap, easy to find (any grocery/health food store will have it) and it contains endless benefits for the bod. I use the Bragg;s brand because Trader Joes sells it and Trader Joes is where it’s at.


So pinch your nose and shoot it back, add a couple of tablespoons to your smoothie, or incorporate it in salads, cooking and baking (if you’ve read the last post on snacking, you’re correct to assume that I drop in into my smoothies because I’m too lazy to prepare it any other way).

Some benefits you can expect:

*It keeps you slim and trim.


Because it regulates blood sugar levels it’s a huge help in keeping it tight and right. When you eat crap like baked goods, white bread, starch, and deep fried pickles, Oreos, tables and chairs, your blood sugar spikes and kicks back down. This unfortunate reaction leads to what we call “muffin top,” “front butt” and so on…AKA “fat storage.” You also heighten your risk of diabetes and heart disease. No sh*t.



Finally – you were waiting for this one no? Well it’s true. Apple cider vinegar, when included in your diet on a regular basis, will help you lose weight. It has these enzymes that help your body detox from all the crap (see above) that you’ve stuffed in your face during a breakup, a kindly visit from Ms. Flow, or due to sheer lack of control. It also keeps you full for a longer amount of time and helps to control your appetite.

I’ll have you know that this last claim has been put to the test by yours truly. After drinking two tablespoons of said miracle ingredient, I was faced with a delicious selection of cupcakes shortly thereafter. Said cupcakes were not consumed as I felt like I had no appetite. This is a huge deal as I always want cupcakes, and although I may be stuffed after breakfast, lunch or dinner, cupcakes almost always have their way with me. On this particular occurance, I was able to shut them down and send them home without a nightcap.

(I am not ashamed to admit that I had one the next day – my choice).

*It keeps your body balanced.


PH balance is something I’ve heard about when it comes to deoderant and such, but it’s pretty imporant when it comes to the body as well. For example, when you drink coffee, sugary juices (shame on you) and cocktails, you need something to bring your body back to its regular balance. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar balances your PH levels to keep your body alkaline (which is how it should be). It pretty much means that your immune system will get a boost, and you’ll have increased energy. And, if you’re anything like me, after a cocktail or two you just want to put on some jammies and take a nap (or pass out in the restaurant booth) – to each their own. Counter it with a couple shots of this stuff.

Anyways, although the vinegar is acidic, the effect this one has on your body is alkalizing as heck. (Same deal for lemons and limes) So go ahead, don’t feel bad – you have that G&T with extra lime on your lunch break. I prefer it with almonds and yougurt. Veggies and a wrap are great pairings too. No, you know what – forget the food, just make it a liquid lunch. Your alkaline body will thank you.

*Get goddess hair.


Really. Long lusterous locks. Like a Pantene model (typical reference) or like a long haired border collie (so shiny).

Anyway, apparently (as I haven’t tried this as of yet), if you use it once a week as a rinse after shampooing, you should come out looking like a hair model/dog.*

*See above references.

*Salad Dressing


I’ve actually tried this one, and let me tell you, mixed with pepper, balsamic glaze, and a bit of olive oil – it tastes good. You can barely taste the smell of feet. (Kidding). Sea salt is another ingredient that goes well to create a tangy and fat-free dressing.

There’s actually hundreds of other beneficial uses out there that I haven’t tried, but the main reason I have the balls to ingest this stuff is because it’s good for the body, good for the weight, and good for the One Teaspoon Iggy skinnies I just bought.




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