Nailed It: Matchy Mismatchy

If you’re a nail polish hoarder like me, you know all about switching up your nail color every few days. Unless I’m wearing something sheer and dainty, or nude and natural, I get bored of a color within a couple of days. I get bored with people too – hence why I’m still single – but that’s a whole other post that never needs to be published.

Anyway, I’ve put together a really handy pairings guide for mani and pedi colors. Matching your nails is great, if you’re super anal, but these days the trend is mismatching your shades…

Check out the cozy little color buddies below:

Pale Pink and Deep Blue


Essie Fiji (my FAV) and a pastel – blue (didn’t have a name)

Coral and Teal


Sephora by OPI in “What’s Your Sign?” and Butter London’s “Truly Teal”

Peach and Lime


Illamasqua “Purity” and “Smash”

Lavender and Deep Purple


Deborah Lippmann “Creme'” and Nars “Purple Rain”

And my FAV…Red and Pink


OPI “Red Lights Ahead…Where?” and Julep “Mimi”

You don’t have to follow these pairings obviously but you get the idea…

Drugstore bands work fine as well, it’s how you wear it not where you get it after all.

Feel free to leave suggestions if you’d like .


(And always, all brands except Essie and OPI are available at Sephora)


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