Covet: Rihanna for River Island



September 12th. 

Rihanna For River Island is back this Fall. I cant contain my excitement. Not that I’m going to prance around in men-style undies or bralets – but still.


Expect to see typical Ri Ri wear. Lots of extravagant head to toe outfits like the ones above. Stripes, slits, midriff, ratchet fab with lots of camo influence and hood menswear that’s been a hit so far.

Her Spring line was a huge success for the British retailer and now that they’re debuting a Fall line all the haters are sitting down and making themselves comfy with a side eye.


Rihanna is definitely one of my biggest style influences. She always brings the heat, pushes every boundary set forth, and allows her fans (and haters) a chance to try and rock her own personal style. That’s what I like most about her – she’s fearless. She really doesn’t give a…

Check out some of the pieces below:


I’m liking a lot of these pieces, and although I wouldn’t wear them as a whole outfit a’ la Rihanna, I like the basics with a sporty pump like the one above or a camo crop top with one of her sleek thigh high slit skirts.

As she’s already shown in recent weeks, she’s head over 8 inch heels herself. A lot of what she’s been wearing lately is her own collection and self promotion is what’s going to make fans flood the stores come September.


Although not everything is as wearable as the next piece, I really appreciate how there’s something for everyone in here.

G4 Life Indeed. I know all about it.



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