J’Adore: Guilt Free Smoothies

Whether you’re prepping your body for LDW pool parties or eating clean and healthy for Instagram (kkidding, really I’m kidding) you have got to check out these amazing smoothie recipies.  I choose to replace one of my meals everyday with a smoothie, either for lunch or as a snack and I tend to make the same type each time, with small variations. A banana, soy protein powder (yeah I’m a girl so what), apple cider vinegar, frozen berries, one frozen strawberry, and chia seeds. Done son. It’s that easy. Oh and I’ll add a ton of kale to switch it up as well. Anyway, aside from what I do and what I eat, because it’s recently been revealed that not everybody wants to get like me, check out these smoothie recipies that will take those cravings for ice cream and milkshakes and replace it with a bangin body and a pretty hot immune system too.

1. Green with Envy


Pineapple/Mango/Banana/Spinach (Romaine or Kale)

I like the texture of a green smoothie. I’m not full of sh*t here, it tastes really refreshing to me and I also get my daily serving of greens because I really dump that stuff in there. Like its going out of style. Just be sure to blend well and check your teeth. Nothing ruins an outfit like wearing kale as an accessory.

2. Berry Blast


Strawberries/Grapes/Blueberries/Banana/Vanilla Yougurt (or frozen yougurt)/Non Fat Milk (which I sub with almond milk)

The perfect use for summer blueberries, that will soon be going out of style. Toss them in the freezer for a little while before and creates a texture that’s both refreshing and satisfying. The extra ice from the frozen berries and the sweetness from the fro yo will banish the cravings for dessert. Dessert. I love dessert. Cake. Maybe toss in half a piece of cake if you need the extra calories. Yeah, and maybe go walk into traffic too. (Kidding. I’m sorry, if you’re that girl – I’m so jealous.)

3.Pineapple & Mango Vitamin C Boost


Nonfat Milk (soy/almond/coconut)/1-2 Dates/1 tsp Vanilla Extract/Pineapple chunks/Mango chunks (Frozen)

This tastes amazing. I have a thing for mangoes and this pretty much tastes like you’re drinking ice cream covered with mango glaze. Not kidding. One of my favs. If you want, add some vanilla fro-yo or yougurt (Liberte is my FAV)

4. No More Chocolate Bars


1/2 Avocado/ 2 tbsp dark cocoa powder (or Quik – kidding)/Banana (frozen preferably)/1/4 plain greek yougurt/ 2 tbsp milk (almond/soy/coconut)

This is amazing for chocolate lovers – so pretty much everyone. Plus – 200% less calories, fat and guilt. The avocado adds thickness and good fats while the cocoa adds sweetness and satisfies your cravings. I like a thicker texture, but if you want it lighter add more milk. Fool proof right? I’m a fool. I tell you this from experience.

5. Georgia Peach


1 cup low fat vanilla/greek yogurt/1 peach/1tbsp honey/1 cup ice

This smoothie reminds me of yougurt cups I used to eat when I was younger, you know them – the peaches & cream ones? Loaded with sugar? Yeah those. This is like the older, bitchier and way skinner sister to that.

You can skip the ice if you cut up the peaches and freeze them (easier when you’re pressed for time in the AM).

6. Matcha Green Tea Blast*


*I’m kidding. That’s my FAV Jamba Juice. Again, this is the bitchier, skinnier sibling.

Grated ginger/Matcha green tea powder/Mango/Greek yogurt/Honey

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m real sketchy when it comes to ginger. Like, I’ll spit it out in a room full of people if the need arises. I absolutely loathe the taste and can sniff it out of any dish. This doesn’t mean that it’s not good for you – it improves bloating and indigestion, clears up your skin and bla bla bla but I stick to alternative methods thanks. To each their own. Anyway, the matcha is one of my favorite smoothies (I have yet to make this one) but Jamba Juice really gives good matcha, and I drive over an hour to satisfy my cravings. Hopefully this one holds me off…

I haven’t included measurements for all the smoothies (Probably because they’re smoothies. Really? You need exact measurements? You throw a bunch of sh*t into a blender. I can do it with my eyes closed, I mean, I advise against it, but I boast anyway).



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