Happy Monday. Not.

Happy Monday. Not.

I hate Mondays. Okay, hate is a strong word, and really, I don’t dislike the whole day in general, I mean I actually like going back to work from a whole weekend of unproductive lounging. It’s really the mornings that throw me off. Like when your blender breaks and you’re so busy trying to figure out how else you can mix your smoothie that you forget to unpin your curls and eat breakfast. Then you starve most of the morning and enter this realm of Hangriness – (Hunger+Angry) and then you contemplate straying from your diet by hitting up the cafeteria but the skinny girl inside you kicks in and you figure starving might be a better idea. Damn you skinny jeans and leather leggings I want to look hot in this Fall. You’re my demise. Hope your Monday so far is going a little better than mine is, but only a little, I want us all to share the misery together. xoxo

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