Style Muse: Jessica Alba

Style Muse: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is the epitome of class. She keeps it covered and casually chic every single time she’s pap attacked. She’s been one of my style muses ever since her Sun-In streaked hair from her Into The Blue days. Her signature style is trendy, preppy and comfortable and I love how she looks like she just threw on a coat and booties in a hurry, but really she keeps it real with her style and knows what works for her.
I chose this outfit in particular because August is wearing off on me (I know, I’ll regret saying that) and I’m beyond ready for Autumn wear. Like yesterday. Plaid, 90’s grunge, chunky knits, combat booties and buckles are vying to get my attention. And trust me – they have it.
Coat – Gerard Darel, Jeans – Big Star, Sneakers – Isabel Marant.
I highly doubt everyones going to shell out close to $1100 for the coat and sneakers but there’s similar styles EVERYWHERE. Marant’s are a great long term purchase if you’re looking to splurge but Ash, Puma, Zara and pretty much everybody else have copycat kicks out there right now. As for the coat, Zara will be my go-to come September. Their new Fall collection is out and it’s affordable, wearable, and calling my name.

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