Stila Look At These Eye Palettes…

Get it? Oh I’m so crafty. Anyway, looking for an eye palette (because your Urban Decay Naked is down to the pans)? Well Stila has not one, not two, but three amazing themed eye shadow palettes. I have two out of the three. Displayed here…


The top one is the “In the Light” and the bottom one is the “In The Know” palette.

So versatile, and a crazy amount of highly pigmented and easy to wear colors for a fair price (40$) Shut your mouth, they also each come with a full size eye liner – which is easy to smudge and so soft and glides on with ease. I love how they’ve picked the most perfect colors to compliment each other. This makes it insanely easy to create different eye looks, (from smokey eye to every day to glitzy party shades). I love my MAC shadows but because I’ve created a to die for collection with those I’ve moved on to finding palettes that include colors that make it easy to wear together. For some reason I find it tedious to open up my different palettes to put together a look. First World Problems? I think so. Anyways – No brain work. Just how I like it. More time to think about what I’m going to wear. See – crafty.


“In The Moment” palette

Pick them up at your closest Sephora…


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