Welcome to my passion…

Hola. See this picture? It’s a runway shot from Ulyana Sergeenko’s Fall 2013/14 collection. Very Salem witchy and very “those shoes need to get on my feet but they’re sold out of my size-y”.  I look like this every time I realize I’ve already exceeded my online shopping allotment for the month.  I’d like to call my obsession with material goods a passion. Let me clarify – I love clothes. No – I love clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, makeup, anything and everything that allows girls to reveal themselves without opening their mouths or taking off their clothes. This blog is just that. Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle…I hope you can use this blog as a platform for ideas, insight and inspiration so that you can accentuate your already beautiful selves. Things aren’t what make up our lives, it’s our minds, our passions and our convictions.  I’m just offering you a peek into what I feverishly admire.  Take it at face value but know it’s coming from some really intense, gut wrenching, passionate, must have, must share love and adoration. After all, “the only real elegance is in the mind, if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.”Image


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